New Job openings for Drivers


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Driver Vs Taxi Services


  1. Professionals who know their trade
  2. Great traffic sense with great skills
  3. Understand the society in general and hence behave in a mannered way
  4. Highly aware and know their responsibilities well
  5. Highly educated drivers who understand the nitty-gritties of driving
  6. Understand technology and rules
  7. Very well trained


  1. Car is own, driver is hired, which ensures high degree of comfort and personalization
  2. Always available on demand
  3. No need to be technologically savvy to use them and can easily be used by any family member
  4. Ensures convenience
  5. Safer due to the fact that the driver is highly trained
  6. Fixed cost and one knows the fare well in advance
  7. Can be used for long distance and overnight journeys