Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register at

Creating account with is a very easy process. You will finda “Client Registration” link from the Navigation. Click on that link and create an account on this website. You will get registered.

Do I need to pay any registration fee if I register with

Yes, you need to a pay the registration fee at the time of registration.

I forgot my password. How should Isign in to the website now?

You can easily recover your password from our system. At the Navigation Menu, you will find a “Forgot Password” link. Click on the link to retrieve your password. All you need is to provide the correct email address and mobile number that you provided while registering at the website.

How can I search jobs on the website ?

All the jobs posted by our customers are available on the homepage, you can also visit the Jobs page to search jobs according to your preferences.

How can I trust the driver ?

All our drivers are fully validated and skilled, they go through a rigorous on-boarding process before association with us.

Driver registration- I want to register on this website as a driver. How can I register?

To register as a driver, you need to create and account on To create the account, click onthe “Driver Registration” link from the Navigation.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can do your payment via cheque, cash or Online Payment.

I want to upload my picture and display it on my profile. How can I do this?

Once you upload your photo, it is automatically added to your profile.